Web 3 Gaming Platform on Terra Blockchain Raises $25M in Token Sale.


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Games are becoming more popular among people, and they also changed according to people and their lives. In this trendy earth, people play different games on numerous platforms, both in online and offline mode. There are more games that the players can effectively play the games. Among all the games, the web three gaming platfom on terra is the best one for all the players to play for the games. It is easy, excellent and effective to play, and it has been revolutionized in various industries. You can also enjoy using this platfom and your gaming experience. In this content, you will learn more about the three web gaming platforms on terra blockchain and their importance among the players. 

Have a look at this beautiful platform:

As there are more players worldwide, they choose more games to play and earn a lot. The web 3-based games allow the players to engage with the games in innovative and decentralized ways. People can also play to earn via cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It democratizes all aspects of gaming and puts the supreme power in the hands of the player.

Web 3 gaming is a process of decentralized gaming in which the activities of a gaming ecosystem or a gaming platfom are practical for the players. This game is built by integrating blockchain into the gaming ecosystem. It allows gamers to express their opinion about how the game should evolve. It also provides a fair virtual market for the gaming industry, allowing players to access and fully own in-game digital assets. 

What are the Key features of this web three gaming?

Web 3 gaming is a value-exchange gaming model where people can own and trade in-game objects and collectables. It is in the form of unique NFTs using cryptocurrencies, and it offers self-sovereignty and decentralization in gaming as it is open source. Some of its exciting features are ownership and interoperability, old game integration, player-driven gaming, negligible downtime, transparent gaming, etc. these are the compelling critical features used in web 3 gaming. 

How the web 3 gaming comes in, and what is C2X?

Matches are growing in terms of desing, visuals, and technological intricacy. Blockchain companies integrate decentralization and cryptocurrency into gaming to provide values beyond the scope of just entertainment. The blockchain gaming platform C2X is the best company pursuing the next generation of gaming and was recently able to raise $25million in a private token sale. Several investment heavyweights supported this fundraising in the blockchain space, including FTX ventures, jump crypto and anima brands.

C2X is operated by parent company Meta magnet, a blockchain gaming platfom. It is developed to establish a new standard for web 3 gaming. It is also built on the terra blockchain to ensure that all assets and data on the platfom will remain transparent and tamper-proof. Its blockchain foundation provides an end-to-end solution allowing token economics, NFT marketplaces and wallet integration. 

The investments value the platform at $500 million, and C2X says it also plans to launch its own publicly traded token by the same name. As there is no date for the release, the experts set it according to a press release. The platform will include token economics, NFT marketplaces and a wallet; it will be built on the terra blockchain and advised by hash. They are a longtime web 3 gaming industry investor and a major player in the terra ecosystem. The C2X also says it will be guided heavily and partly developed by South Korean game publisher com2us. The com2us is pivoting to be a web three-first gaming company and to support web 3 gaming and ecosystem in December. 


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